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About Us

Invest in your health at Maximal Health!

Since Maximal Health opened in 1999, Irving chiropractor Dr. Jason Black has helped his many patients experience optimal health and wellness. From the caring and tranquil practice environment to the exceptional chiropractic care you’ll receive from our professional staff, your experience will be an excellent one. We see lots of families at the practice and want people of all ages to experience safe and effective chiropractic care.

Providing a Thorough Evaluation

Getting on the road to health and healing begins with a comprehensive evaluation. We use a variety of tests to assess the health of the spine and nervous system. Because of his attention to detail, Dr. Black is a highly sought-after chiropractor who cares for many in the health care field: physicians, surgeons, pharmacists and other professionals in the medical field.

He also gets many referrals from medical doctors. They, along with many of our other patients, will often say that their exam of the spine and nervous system is the most thorough one they’ve had.

Taking a True Functional Approach To Your Best Life and Health

At Maximal Health, the focus is on your overall well-being, not just the suppression of symptoms. “We aim to identify the cause and not only help patients heal but also develop strategies, so the problem doesn’t recur in the future,” says Dr. Black.

Patient education is another important part of the wellness puzzle at the practice. Those who are educated about how the body works and what creates health and what causes sickness get a lot more out of their care. “Once patients understand how the nervous system works, the benefits and ramifications of having a healthy nervous system become crystal clear to them.”

Number One Goal: Exceeding Patients’ Expectations!

If you’ve been to other health care providers who were unable to help you, prepare to be wowed at Maximal Health. Dr. Black is passionate about trying to exceed patients’ expectations and help them experience a greater quality of life that comes with feeling fantastic!   Dr. Black has developed 8 specific functional tests to best determine how he can best help his patients of all ages, with a variety of health challenges and goals!   Dr. Black’s promise to all new patients is simply, “If I can’t help you and meet or exceed your expectations, I’ll let you know!  It’s what patients deserve, expect.  I treat everyone as if they were a dear loved one, they only get my best and most sincere recommendations for care”.

Optimal health and wellness start with a healthy nervous spine and nervous system. Contact us to schedule an appointment!  We accept insurance and offer financing.


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