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Experienced Back Pain Chiropractor in Irving

Fast, Effective Relief for Back Pain

Have you been sidelined by back pain? If you answered yes, Irving Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Black wants to help you.

Pain of any kind is a signal that something’s amiss. Some people silence their symptoms with a pain reliever and ignore the message. But that would be like removing the battery to quiet a smoke detector!

Natural, Drug-Free Back Pain Treatment

Dr. Jason Black’s natural, drug-free approach to health care can help with many common back pain conditions. Whether chronic back pain that has been bothering you for years, or you have acute back pain caused by a new injury, we understand your pain and we can help.

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Dr. Jason Black

Dr. Jason Black

About Maximal Health

Since Maximal Health opened in 1999, Irving chiropractor Dr. Jason Black has helped his many patients experience optimal health and wellness. From the caring and tranquil practice environment to the exceptional chiropractic care you’ll receive from our professional staff, your experience will be an excellent one.

As no two patients are exactly alike, no two chiropractic care plans are identical. Whether you’re 1 or 100, our custom treatment plans are crafted to meet your specific needs. Here, patients are more than just a number — they’re family. We accept insurance and offer flexible payment plans. Getting you better is our priority.

Your consultation is free. Simply call (972) 409-0016 or book an appointment online now!