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Chiropractic Care

Did you know that we all live our lives through our nervous system? When our nervous system functions properly, you can have more energy, feel and look better, enjoy improved sleep, have better digestion and a robust immune system.

“I look at chiropractic as a strategy to maximize the function and integrity of the nervous system,” says Dr. Jason Black, who uses a variety of techniques at Maximal Health. He analyzes a person’s spine and nervous system even before he begins an adjustment.

Precise, Comfortable Care for All

From newborns to seniors, all ages can benefit from safe, effective, drug-free chiropractic care. The techniques we use will be custom-tailored to you because every person’s nervous system responds a little bit differently. For those who prefer a gentle adjustment we use instrument-assisted methods such as the Activator® and ArthroStim®. Some patients may prefer a manual adjustment.

Regardless of the technique that is used, the goal is the same: removing interference from your nervous system in a gentle, safe, specific and effective way. At every appointment, your chiropractor will check and evaluate you to see how you’re responding to care. Each time you come in you will be adjusted a little differently. And because the care you receive is always precise, we only adjust areas that need it — no more, no less.

Your Care Choices at Maximal Health

You are always in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health. At Maximal Health, there are four types of chiropractic care that we offer:

  1. Relief Care: You come in until you feel better, and then you stop. It’s your choice.
  2. Corrective Care: You see us until you feel better. You continue coming in until your body stabilizes and the underlying physical problems have been completely corrected. Then you stop, and it’s your choice to continue with appointments.
  3. Maintenance & Wellness Care:  This type of care typically follows relief and corrective care. We begin to delve deeper into your life and your long-term health goals. It’s our goal to empower and mentor you on how to eat, move and think as you were designed.

Live Your Best Life

If you’re ready to put pain in your past and embark on the path toward optimal health and wellness, we’d love to talk to you. We’ve helped thousands of people live better through specific, objective-based care. Contact us today to schedule an appointment! Financing is available and insurance is accepted.


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