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Free E-Books

free e-book by Dr. Jason Black, Chiropractor Irving

Congratulations on Taking a Step Towards Your Best Life!

You will discover what’s possible for you and your family by following the proven strategies outlined in the eBooks: Power, Eat, Move, and Think.

Simple Titles with profound research and proven results to address the human genetic requirements for health, vitality, and longevity.

I address the reasons why most people fail at reaching their health goals, you may be very surprised about my answers (Hint: it is NOT due to lack of trying or being committed to the goals! )

To receive your free copy of Dr. Black’s eBooks and take your first steps toward creating the life of your dreams for you and generations to come simply complete the boxes below and your copy will be emailed directly to you.

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Health Reports from Maximal Health

Empowering you and your family to live healthier and happier lives, for a lifetime!

Did you know you ONLY FEEL 10% of your body, and the other 90% allows you to ADAPT to stress?
It’s true, Your Nervous System is the key to coordination and regulation of  YOUR LIFE and YOUR HEALTH.  We all live our lives through our nerves.  Having a CLEAR brain to body connection is a REQUIREMENT for health and wellness.

stress reliefYour body can suffer from “overwhelm” and a failure to adapt to life. This shows up as differing forms of “dis-ease”.  Choose from our list of special reports on how YOUR body truly functions, and get a better understanding of the role of your Nervous System in Healing your body.  The sad truth is many suffer and accept a low quality of life not knowing that chiropractic may be of help.   Know someone who needs hope, direction?  Give them our number and we will discover what’s possible.

To find out IF we are the right doctor for you we offer a FREE consultation, prior to performing the specialized tests Dr. Black requires to determine if he can be of help to you.

It’s your health and  your future at stake so  we DON’T guess, we TEST.