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Dr. Jason Black

Dr. Jason Black is an enthusiastic and dynamic chiropractor and motivational speaker.

Dr. Black is passionate about life, natural health and wellness. Serving the DFW community since 1999 Dr. Black has impacted the lives of thousands of families, giving them the tools they needed to make the health and life changes they desired.

He has made it his personal mission to influence the lives of as many people in his community and the world by helping them discover how to live  will full function, allowing them to live an extraordinary life, naturally!

Seminars at Maximal Health

seminar schedule

The health-altering workshops based on proven strategies Dr. Black has been teaching since 1999, all of the seminars and workshops can be tailored to your group and provided in the following formats:
  • Lunch and Learn
  • Community Group
  • Corporate Workshop
  • Faith/Church Group
  • Life By Design Dinner Party
  • Small Business

How to Experience Outrageous Health & Happiness

During this seminar we will explore the five components to a vital life and learn to apply the Maximal Health principles of true health through Maximizing your healing potential. You will walk away from this seminar with concrete and simple changes that you can implement in your life immediately to see huge benefits.

Maximal Fuel: Nutrition

In this seminar we’ll examine the ‘normal, average diet’ of our culture and link it to many of the common disorders that the majority of our population faces today. What was our body designed to eat? What are we eating 99% of the time? How does what you eat affect the life you live? This very informative talk is filled with great nutritional facts and lots of surprises.


Stress is the “silent killer” and the number one lifestyle factor related to disease. Stress leads to more debilitation, disability and inefficiency than any other determinant known to science. Instead of learning “how to lower stress,” this workshop teaches what stress really is, its value, and how to create a body that can handle stress. Stress isn’t going anywhere – and the body that can adapt best will achieve the greatest results in every area.

How to Stay Healthy Naturally

So much attention has been given to “cold and flu season” in recent years. You can’t turn on the television, radio, or internet without being bombarded with messages about the flu shot or the latest cold medicine. Sadly, you are being misled. It is simple to keep you and your family healthy during the winter months. In this seminar, we’ll explain why we even have a “cold and flu season,” how to have a body that is resistant to colds and flu’s and what you can do at home to ensure that you and your family have the healthiest year EVER.

  • Featuring: Customized Seminars for your Company!
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