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Maximal Movement and Mobility

chiropractor-irvingThe DAMAGE caused by sitting and being sedentary is well established.  I often say “Sitting is the new smoking”!   Why?  Is it really?  Yes, and what I mean exactly is by NOT moving as the body requires (yes, I said requires) you are causing as much or MORE damage and LOSS of health potential is equivalent or worse in many cases.

We teach the actual human requirements for movement, they are:

1) Mobility

2) Lifting Heavy

3) Moving Fast

4) Moving Slow

At our hands-on seminar on movement we discuss in detail all 4 requirements and explain the rationale for making the choice to add movements and mobility to your daily routine.  The return on investment in time and health potential is tremendous, you will feel better, stronger, and improve your health.

Passion for needs in life can prove futile if there is no foundation for its existence. OUR journey TOGETHER is the slab that will provide the eventual key to the new you! With a background ranging form active athletics to motivational speaker, every aspect of YOUR new YOU sits in good hands!

With the fast and yet hectic pace we live in, this has taken away your bodies ability to “MOVE BY DESIGN” leaving us with the chance to not just reeducate YOUR body, but reeducate YOU on how to maintain this essential ratio that keeps a balance in everyday life! Let US open that door to the NEW YOU… TOGETHER!

“the short end of the stick is given to the last one who grabs it”

When you’re ready to take action, give Maximal Health a call to arrange your first visit: (972) 409-0016.

Movement Seminar

Dr. Black teaching the 4 movement requirements. Feel younger, stronger, and enjoy your highest levels of health by applying the strategies Dr. Black teaches.

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