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Depending on your needs,
Dr. Black will select up To 7 different tests for you.

We Don’t Guess with your health, We Test!

In addition to Dr. Jason Black’s specialized approach to care our use of technology makes a big difference when it comes to actually making effective and reliable care recommendations.

Dr. Black invested in the worlds best technology to test the effects of stress on your body’s most vital systems. The tests are non-invasive, painless, and accurate for all ages.

Dr. Black is an expert at reading the computerized readings generated from the Insight Device and has been using this cutting edge approach since 1999.

Most Accurate Tests For You

Surface EMG, Thermography, and Heart Rate Variance are the most accurate tests to measure your overall ability to adapt to life’s stressors.

These tests are safe, pain-free, and used by the best doctors in the world.

Surface EMG

The Surface EMG exam evaluates the function of the muscles that support your spine. These muscles are controlled by nerves. This test shows the pattern of how energy is distributed through theses muscles. The exam helps identify area and patterns of abnormal tension and stress. By precisely measuring muscle activity, your progress can be followed as your care progresses.


Thermal Scan

The Thermal Scan is used to assess the part of your nervous system that helps to control your organs, glands, and blood vessels, the autonomic system. The instrument does this by precisely measuring differences in temperature differences along the spine. Since proper function of your organs, gland, and blood vessels is essential to healing and living well, this test gives us a ‘snapshot’ of how this portion of your nervous system is working and how it is responding to care.


Heart Rate Variability: Pulse Wave Profile

The PWP or Pulse Wave Profiler helps the doctor to determine your overall ability to adapt to the environment. It does this by looking at the timing of your pulse, and determining the balance and tone of your nervous system. This exam is known as heart rate variability. Proper balance and tone are associated with aging and poor heart health. Published research has shown that chiropractic adjustments have a beneficial effect on heart rate variability.

Sample case study on HRV, March 2016

Heart Rate Variability  Pulse Wave Profile

The test that were given were excellent and a great way of showing exactly where we needed the most help.”

Charles L.

Why We Test?

You may be surprised that we only feel 3-9% of our bodies! It’s amazing, the vast majority of our Brain and Nervous System is keeping us adapting to life, helping us keep up with demands from home, work and play time. We can measure HOW your body is adapting and exactly where your body is failing.

We live our lives through our nervous system. A beautiful sunset. The sound of a baby’s giggle. Producing the exact amount of stomach acid to digest dinner. Running to catch a bus. Savoring the aroma of freshly baked bread. These are the many expressions of your nervous system. If your nervous system doesn’t work right, you don’t work right. And when you don’t work right, you’re not healthy.

These tests measure exactly how your body is adapting, and Dr. Black
can determine where your body is failing and needs support.

Watch this brief video explaining the Core Score and the state of the art technology
Dr. Black has been using to help patients for over 18 years.

Nervous System Disturbances

Like a circuit breaker, physical, chemical, and emotional stresses can cause disturbances and alter the function of your nervous system. These nervous system disturbances are called subluxations.

Here at Maximal Health, we use sophisticated equipment to help detect patterns of subluxations. Our care recommendations are based on your scans and other examination findings. They will serve as objective guidelines by which to monitor your progress and appropriately modify your care. For some, progress comes quickly. For others, the healing process takes longer. Regardless of the speed of you recovery, your health is our number one concern.

Depending on your needs, the doctor may decide to perform up to 7 different tests with you on your first visit to our Irving chiropractic office.

Learn More…

Dr. Black has been conducting these tests for 18 years, and he is an
expert at interpreting the test results to benefit patient health.

Do these tests hurt?

NEVER. The tests are completely non-invasive; they do not use any needles, electrical shock or heat. They are designed to receive information from your Central Nervous System.

Sample Core Score Report

SEMG Research

Johns Hopkins Thermal

Spinal problems rarely get better on their own. Call our Irving chiropractic office and begin chiropractic care today.

The test administered by Dr. Black are painless,
non-invasive, and accurate for all ages.

Avoid these prior to your initial visit.

  • Nicotine.
  • Drinking coffee, tea, and cola drinks.
  • Over-the-counter, prescription drugs and muscle relaxers.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Bath salts, oils, or sunscreen.
  • Vigorous physical activity.

* IF you are taking prescription medication, you CAN keep taking those; we ask you to please inform us of the medications on your intake forms to help insure the most accurate results.

Dr. Black uses the world’s best technology to test the effects of stress on
Your body’s most vital systems and to develop your plan of care.

Providing Safe, Effective Chiropractic Care to Irving, Valley Ranch, Las Colinas and Coppell