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“I love teaching and educating the community about Health and Wellness, as such speaking to groups is a passion I indulge in as often as my schedule allows.”

– Dr. Jason Black

Corporate Topics are delivered in a “lunch and learn” format and in Less than 30 minutes your team of valued empolyees are equipped to better themselves and perform with full potential at work and home.
The MOST popular and powerful seminar topics by far are: Abundant Energy Parts 1 and 2.

We offer a variety of customized seminars on leadership, stress, and more!

Dr. Black is a member of Optimal Life Systems, and a seasoned speaker with over 15 years of Radio and Live public speaking.

Dr. Black has delivered dozens of seminars to local and national corporations such as: Verizon, NEC, Tri- Gas, Dozens of community groups, La Cima Club, Hackberry Creek, The Irving Chamber, Microsoft, Citi, and several others.

Dr. Black will visit with your Human Resources Manager, Safety Officers, or other management personnel on-site to customize a Health and Wellness Series exclusively for your company. These are presented on-site to your business or corporation and customized for maximum impact on your company’s performance.


As a direct result of adding the Wellness Program to companies employees are more energetic; resulting in much happier, more productive, more focused, have better performance, get more done each day, and report having less stress.

Our program is proactive, preventative, and helps teach personal responsibility with their lifestyle choices at home so they can have a better quality of life at work. Investing in a Wellness program saves the business thousands of dollars in lost productivity and sick days.

Our program has been demonstrated to build trust and stronger relationships between employer and employees, resulting in less turn over, more personal investment and sense of ownership in the company and discipline with duties.

Work Related Stress or Injuries have been significantly minimized by adding this proactive, lifestyle based program. Bottom line: saving on injury claims, lost work, and more.

Statistics of innovative companies utilizing this approach have shown dramatic decreases in employee injuries, workdays lost, absenteeism and employees turnover.

We will also perform any of these services, including workshops and screenings, on an a la carte basis for your convenience as well.


  • Happier Employees
  • A Substantial Improvement in Productivity
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Greater net income to the company – “Companies that remain uninvolved will be left behind.”

As businesses struggle to reverse the trend of rising health care costs, wellness and exercise programs are becoming essential to their economic livelihood. By implementing wellness programs, companies can not only aid in decreasing their insurance and compensation costs, but also reap the reward of healthier employees. Today’s organizations believe that their support of positive health habits is an important contribution to the overall culture of their business.

Currently, health care costs are rising at an alarming rate, representing an ever-increasing portion of the gross national product, (GNP). Businesses, both large and small, ultimately pay a significant percentage of the medical costs of corporate America. More than half of these costs are attributed to illnesses that are preventable.  Clearly, there’s a need for corporations to help their employees establish a healthy lifestyle.


Because of financial concerns, companies often struggle with the decision to invest in a fitness or wellness program for their employees. No decision -maker would deny “one has to spend money to make money. Once the initial investment is made, the program will immediately start paying for itself – provided that it’s properly promoted and maintained – and, eventually, realize concrete savings for the company. Healthy employees make healthy companies, which are likely to bring in healthy profits and that, in itself, is a positive return on investment.


Healthy Employees are happy employees. And those who are happy workers almost always turn out to be faithful, long-term employees. So the healthier and happier the work force, the less a company has to spend on hiring and training new personnel. The basis for creating a healthy work force, of course, is a well-conceived and well-promoted corporate wellness program.


The most obvious benefit of a corporate wellness program is that it allows companies to reduce their overall health care costs, in part by reducing the total number of medical claims that they have to field each year. The U.S. Surgeon General reports that 75% of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle-related cause, and that 53% of America’s population are “inactive.” What both businesses and the population-at-large need, of course, is fitness. Thousands of studies confirm that regular dietary education and exercise has a protective effect against a wide variety of illnesses and diseases. It only stands to reason that the more a business can employees avoid illness and disease and manage their own health, the more it can manage its own health care costs each year.

With rising healthcare costs for all employees, this program is a way to give back to your employees while improving your bottom line. These unsurpassed benefits will encourage and promote health and safety, which will ultimately make them happier and more efficient workers. Call our chiropractic office in Irving to see how we can help your company!

Dr. Jason Black, D.C.


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